Boutique Hotels

Wouldn’t it be lovely to spend your holiday in a homely place where you get the best in pampering? The warm ambiance, the tropical architecture, privacy and (if you are lucky a lovely garden) can be found in these little gems found around Sri Lanka.

The topic of ‘Boutique hotels’ is a fashionable trend in Sri Lanka. They may feature local architecture, interior designs, handicrafts etc. and all have a flavour of Sri Lanka. The booming tourist industry has seen many a private home, some with colonial architecture, renovated and redesigned and being opened to tourists. Be it along the beaches and coastal line, in main towns, the hill country, near national parks or by ancient cities – there is always a boutique hotel in Sri Lanka that you can hire out.

The warm Sri Lankan welcome is bound to greet you as you enter your holiday venue, while a 24 hour service is most often available. Western or Sri Lankan breakfasts and local (and perhaps international) dishes are catered and at times, depending on the boutique hotel, you may find yourself buying your own fresh vegetables and meats at the local market for a scrumptious meal prepared by the in-house cook! An adventure to be experienced!