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Free information on delightful, exciting -Sri Lanka. A pearl shaped diminutive tropical island at the tip of South India. Rich in history, culture, adventure, wildlife and an endless coastline of sun, sea and golden sands… the happy playground of whales and dolphins.

Celebrating our 24th year in publication and partnering with Sri Lanka Tourism, Travel Lanka is distributed to visitors at the International Airport and travel Centres throughout the island. With this guide in hand, you will surely feel ‘at home’ in this exotic island in the Indian Ocean. Travel Lanka will guide you to the best of tourist sites and will not miss out on any of the pleasures Sri Lanka has to offer and you will carry happy memories of a splendid holiday.

May not visit us? OK, just browse and learn about an island with a culture dating over 2500 years, so beautiful to be likened to paradise and on the travel plans of holidaymakers around the globe at the moment.

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