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Hosted on, Travel Lanka is the first online travel guide (e-mag) to be launched in Sri Lanka. The website contains multiple, broad-comprehensive travel information categories; each different but augmenting each other, content & flow bringing in the in essence of Sri Lanka.

With its information being updated every month by a team of dedicated writers & photographers, Travel Lanka aims to provide its readers with up to-date information to keep them better informed. Promoted to the desired audience through digital, print, and on ground partnerships, Travel Lanka is expected to bring in close to 100,000 page views a month from territories in the globe. Needless to say, with our print edition already having a wider circulation with 5000 copies dispatched every month, the online edition too will be one of the most sought after products in the travel and tourism trade.

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Advertising on Travel Lanka will provide a brand/service a unique opportunity to expose, invite, engage and generate commerce among its core consumer groups.

Star Class Hotels, Restaurants, Boutique Hotels, Fashion & Retails outlets, Gem & Jewellery boutiques, Spas & wellness centers, Tour operators & Transport Services companies, Telecommunication & Airline companies are among the advertisers who have partnered with the print edition since its inception. The opportunity to expose users to relevant products and services has been the unique aspect that urged these advertisers to consider coming onboard with Travel Lanka. And no doubt, the online edition will serve as an ideal media vehicle for advertisers to take their brand communiqué across the globe .

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Tel: + (94) 11 286 43 16


We strive to provide accurate up to date information for travellers visiting Sri Lanka. Our main aim is to make them feel welcome in a strange tropical island and discover as many attractions as possible making maximum use of their period of stay in the island. Sri Lanka is tiny just 65, but packed with sights and places even a destination ten times its size could not offer and within very short distances unfolding an ever changing spectacular terrain. Ruined cities dating back from 3rd c.B.C. inviting golden sandy beaches and unlimited sea adventures for the sporty, wildlife as experts say “best for big game safaris outside Africa” and an eco-system making Sri Lanka a global biodiversity hot spot.

Spectacular festivals, mystical devil dancing, green rice fields, emerald tea gardens, will take your breath away!

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Working in Travel Lanka

It will be an ideal springboard to experience a country on top shelves of long-haul tour operators around the world. A visually fascinating island with a great history and culture, friendly, hospitable people who will embrace you into their midst. A challenging job for your Sales and Marketing prowess selling a Sri Lanka Travel Guide through your eyes. Your call will be most welcome!