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Ratnapura – City of Gems

Sri Lanka gems blue sapphire


This island country has over many generations, been revealing colourful stones that have been used in rings, necklaces, crowns and many other valuable items. These gems have been enjoying global demand including that of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and traders on the old Silk Route.

Set 130m above sea level, approximately 101 km from Colombo (route – A4), Rathnapura, the City of Gems, with rolling tea plantations, famed for sweet Jaggary, and hosting many religions, it has been central in Sri Lanka’s gem industry for over thousands of years. Tourists can buy or set their eyes on splendorous items at many a gem shop in town as well as the Ratnapura Gem Bureau.

Fact of interest: gem pits can be sighted around the city, some are known to be deep as 50m!

Famed personalities that have sort precious sparkling gems from Sri Lanka are many. The engagement rings of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton held what Sri Lanka is world renowned for its – Blue Sapphire. And according to history books it is written that King Solomon gifted Queen of Sheba, stones from ancient Lanka. And Marco Polo had marveled at its Rubies. Would you not like the preference of Kings and Queens, for yourself?


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